Head boys and girls


Head boy/ Head girl tickets

Fill in the Google form at the bottom of the page to receive your invoice and payment details

You still need to buy a Student ticket through Quicket to access the venue for Saturday. You will receive free access to classes on Sunday.

Prices vary per room since some rooms are bigger

The ticket includes the following for 2 people:

Your badge counts as a fast pass at all vendors - no need to wait in queues when you can spend more time enjoying yourself!

We are doing these off Quicket for various reasons, such as showing details of the rooms and collecting info we need for the best experience for you

Hogwarts Castle

We have various rooms available in Hogwarts castle

These are closer to the classes


Some of our rooms are in Hogsmeade village instead of Hogwarts.

This is closer to the shops and Year end Ball

All rooms are SOLD OUT